What age group does an app target?

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So you are consider an app for your business? Who is your target audience and do they use apps - a very valid question before launching one. It's the key question - who uses apps?

The simple answer is everyone.

Well everyone who has a smart phone, or smart device.

Lots of platforms you use, you might not realise are apps. They are very versatile, can sit within a host of platforms, some look like websites, others are in app stores and some are browser downloads.

The important question is how easy does it need to be use? And what does that depend on - age, demographic, sex.... there is no solid answer, but what we do know is:

In the USA, the largest app user age group is 35 to 54 who use around eight different apps a day. You would think it was the younger age group, but they tend to us less apps but for longer periods.

65% of smart phone owners have games apps, and those up to the age of 25 can spend up to 3 hours a day on apps. Google Play and the App Store have both introduced a spending cap to support people being too app happy.

The amount people spend in retail apps goes up year on year, and this year will tip the scales thanks to COVID-19.

So in conclusion, the average app user has a very mixed profile. We suggest you spend time talking to your designer and understand your direct target in depth - between you, you will find the right route to market.