The history of Apps

14th May 2020

Apps still feel like very new technology and yet we accept them as an every day part of life at the same time. That's because they are seamless, fit into our digital era perfectly and nowadays, there is actually an app for most things. But where did they come from and how could it help your business to have one?

You might be surprised to hear that the first app was for a Nokia phone in 1983! It was called Snake... how may of us remember it? But this all means that the humble app is actually 37 years old. Who knew?

Apps back then were pretty rudimentary though. Mainly for gaming. The big advent came with the i-phone. No surprise there then eh? Apple led the way in 2008, releasing the first apps as we know them. In fact, they released 552 apps in one day! The app became the word of the year in 2010.

Today, ten years on, we use apps to chat with friends, pay money, order food, edit photos, shop, play games.... we could go on!

Apps now don't just exist in the app store. many designers, ourselves included, are designing online apps that stand alone from the traditional app store, This means that they are suitable for all devices and smart gadgets. We can get them to deliver pretty much anything, to any chosen end user.

So if you are considering joining the app revolution, why not give us a shout? We are happy to chat and tell you about what we can do for you. And if you get in touch before our offer ends on 30th June, you get your design work for free.