Benefits of an App for your Business

14th May 2020

Since we launched, so many people have asked us why would we need an app for our business? We have a website and social media so why an app? Here we round up the benefits of having an app for you, especially during the social distancing brought about by COVID-19.

- An app allows your customer instant access with one click of an icon on their home screen

- An app is cheaper and more flexible that a website to use as a shop online

- Apps are newer, up to date technology that offer massive ease of use for your customer base

- You can set up special offers and let your customers know through push notifications

- Customers can contact you directly, in a way that feels much more personal

- People spend more time on their smart devices than computers, so an app is a natural choice for them to use

Our current offer, until the end of the June, is free design, meaning that you could have an app from just £49 a month. What's not to love?