Advice on planning out your App...

15th May 2020

We get a lot of approaches from small and medium sized businesses saying that they need an app.... brilliant we say...what is it for? To which we usually get a shrug or an answer along the lines of "we have everything else for marketing, so need this too".....

So here are a few questions.... would you launch a website without deciding what you wanted from it? Do you place an advert without considering its return on investment? Do you plan your financial year or wing it?

For an app to be wholly successful, we always recommend the following:

- Know your target audience so we can shape your app to fit

- Know your desired outcome from having an app - sales, customer service or brand building?

- Know what you are offering - have a plan of what you will populate your app with

- Know your brand - are you safe and sensible or quirky and fun?

So now you know, this is a great time to talk to us - we love a good brainstorm so don't worry, we don't expect a full and concise brief from you. We are creative with ideas as long as we have your parameters above.

Design is free with us until the end of June, so you app could cost just £49 a month! Get thinking about what you know and then get in touch! We look forward to speaking.....